Read in KIPCOLife April 2023

KIPCO signs binding agreement to sell GIG

KIPCO announced during its Annual General Assembly Meeting that it has entered into a binding implementation agreement to arrange for an off-market trade with Fairfax Financial Holdings to sell KIPCO’s 46.32% stake in GIG.

URC completes its merger with UT & Dhiyafa

URC successfully completed its merger by amalgamation with United Towers Holding Company (UTHC) and Al Dhiyafa Holding Company (DHC). URC’s shareholders approved this merger at the Extraordinary General Assembly.

KIPCO organizes its 2023 football league


URC were crowned champions of KIPCO’s 2023 Football League, KIPCO Dawri, after winning the final game 2-0 against UFM. The football league saw the participation of 12 teams from the Group companies, which played at the company’s Salwa football stadium for three consecutive weekends.


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