About us

Kuwait Projects Company (Holding) – KIPCO – is a holding company that invests in the Middle East and North Africa.

Its strategy of acquiring, building, scaling and selling companies in the MENA region has worked successfully for over 30 years.

KIPCO’s main business sectors are financial services, food, petrochemicals & oil services, media, real estate and education. It’s financial service interests include commercial banking, asset management and investment banking.

Investor Relations

KIPCO is a long-standing regional champion of corporate governance and has developed a reputation in the global financial community for openness and transparency. For example, in 2005, KIPCO became the first publicly-listed investment company in the Middle East to host a regular meeting for all stakeholders.

Press Releases

KIPCO renews its partnership with LOYAC

KIPCO renews its partnership with LOYAC

‘KIPCO & LOYAC share in the desire to build a more prosperous future through developing tomorrow’s leaders’ says Group SVP  KIPCO – Kuwait Projects Company (Holding) – announced the renewal of its partnership with LOYAC, a local non-profit organization that aims...

KIPCO publishes its 2023 Sustainability Report

KIPCO publishes its 2023 Sustainability Report

“Our commitment to ESG is one way of ensuring that we preserve & grow stakeholders’ value” says Group SVP KIPCO – Kuwait Projects Company (Holding) – published its 2023 Sustainability Report. This is the company’s third report and is in line with the Global...

KIPCO in the Community

KIPCO maintains an active programme of community support including the funding and implementation of educational and special needs campaigns for young people and children. 

For information and inquiries about KIPCO Group, please stay connected.