Kuwait Projects Company (Holding) (KIPCO) in association with Burgan Bank, a member of KIPCO Group, has launched an initiative titled ‘Munjiza’ with a private dinner at the Chairman’s Club in KIPCO Tower Monday April 29th 2019.

Munjiza highlights those extraordinary women and their work by providing them with a platform to share their work. Munjiza also builds a community where women can strengthen and create partnerships for future collaborations. The concept of this initiative stemmed from The KIPCO Sharkah Forum and its partnership theme, its concept ensured the start of Munjiza. The KIPCO Sharakah Forum connects NGO’s allowing them to build partnerships for a better society, Munjiza will focus on those extraordinary women and the specific NGO’s that concentrate on them and their different issues. Munjiza will help them achieve the partnerships that the KIPCO Sharakah Forum has created for a better society.