KIPCO – the Kuwait Projects Company – hosted Stephen M.R. Covey on his first trip to Kuwait. Mr Covey is a renowned keynote speaker and advisor on trust and leadership and the author of New York Times Bestseller ‘The Speed of Trust’. In collaboration with FranklinCovey Middle East, Mr Covey held two sessions on the importance of trust; the first for KIPCO Group CEOs and their Deputies, and the second for leaders and high potentials at KIPCO and KAMCO Investment Company.

In his welcoming remarks, Mr Samer Khanachet, KIPCO’s Group Chief Operating Officer said:

“At KIPCO, we invest in our current and future executives. We are delighted to welcome Mr Covey, who is in Kuwait for the first time, to talk about ways in which we can each extend trust to others and support the development of our group leadership.”

On his part, Mr Stephen M.R. Covey, Co-Founder and CEO of CoveyLink Worldwide said:

“I believe that trust is ‘the one thing that changes everything’, and this is why it has become an important competency in leadership today. In a fast-changing business environment, people need to continuously find ways to collaborate and partner, and this can only be made possible with trust. I am delighted to be here at KIPCO to speak about this highly learnable skill.”

In his sessions, Mr Covey described trust as being ‘the one thing that changes everything’. He emphasized three main ideas: trust is an economic driver, not merely a social value; trust is the number one competency of leadership needed today, and is the currency of collaboration and partnering; and that trust is a learnable skill.