The Kuwait Projects Company (Holding) – has continued to support young Kuwaiti entrepreneurs through collaborating for the second year with the Youth Empowerment Symposium (Tmkeen) on the KIPCO Tmkeen Award for Young Entrepreneurs.

The award, worth US$ 100,000 in services from the KIPCO Group, was won by

KIPCO’s Vice Chairman (Executive), Mr Faisal Al Ayyar, received the Tmkeen representatives to discuss ways in which more mentorship and guidance can be provided by KIPCO and its Group companies to Kuwait’s young entrepreneurial community.

Commenting on this occasion, KIPCO’s Group Communications Director, Ms Eman Al Awadhi, said:

“Through setting up their own businesses, young entrepreneurs have an opportunity to express their creativity and to be innovative. At KIPCO, we strongly believe in the great contribution that these young people can make to the economy. Our collaboration with Tmkeen has allowed us to mentor people with small businesses and to guide them towards becoming more sustainable. Through our Group companies, we will continue to fulfill what we believe is the duty of the private sector by making our collective expertise available to support this important business sector.”

KIPCO Group companies – including Burgan Bank, OSN, Gulf Insurance Group, KAMCO Investment Company, United Real Estate, Qurain Petrochemical Industries, AUK, AUS, United Networks and Marina FM – are supporters of the KIPCO Tmkeen Award for Young Entrepreneurs.