Burgan Bank launched its latest service, Tijarati, a platform created to help businesses manage their finances and track all their transactions as they happen. The new application, available on computers and mobile devices, provides business owners real-time information to help monitor their cash flow and eliminates previous waiting times linked to transactions processed through point-of-sale devices and other digital or indirect payment methods. Tijarati also provides analytical reports and tools designed to assist business owners in assessing and improving how their money is being managed.

Burgan Deputy Group CEO and CEO – Kuwait, Mr Raed Al Haqhaq said, “With the launch of Tijarati, we are building on providing our customers with market-leading solutions to meet their growing expectations and also make them self-reliant. This application, which is the first of its kind service in Kuwait, will enable all customers to manage their fund flow on a real time basis and provide a single view over multiple locations, thereby delivering Burgan Bank corporate customers with the option to do just about everything that can be done in our branches, but online and at their own convenience. We at the bank have been focusing on enhancing our technological services to make banking experiences better for all our clients. With this new offering, we are providing our clients with a convenient and hassle-free option of interacting with the bank for all their financial needs. While developing the platform, the bank was constantly engaged with clients to understand their needs and expectations in order to develop a platform that will respond to their present-day needs. Future planned releases will enable us to provide more personalization based on the client’s relationship with us.”