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KIPCO World is an annual publication which highlights companies within the KIPCO Group, the work they do and the people that work for them.

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Welcome to the World of KIPCO

The KIPCO Group is one of the largest diversified holding companies in the Middle East and North Africa, with consolidated assets of US$ 20.8 billion. The Group has significant ownership interests in a portfolio of over 60 companies operating across 26 countries. KIPCO’s strategy of acquiring, building, scaling and selling companies in the MENA region has worked successfully for over twenty years. This strategy has created a portfolio of companies with a primary focus on financial services and media sectors. Through its core companies, subsidiaries and affiliates, KIPCO also has interests in the real estate, manufacturing, education and management sectors. The MENA region continues to grow as a result of abundant natural resources and a young and growing population. Penetration rates in KIPCO’s core sectors are well below other international markets, and this provides excellent potential for sustainable and predictable future cash flows. Financial investments in a broad range of industrial, real estate and service companies allow KIPCO to maximize opportunities in fast-growing niche markets such as housing and education services. This strategy has continued to deliver healthy long-term returns for KIPCO’s shareholders.

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