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Learning-Disabilities Dyslexia Description

KIPCO’s Dyslexia Campaign:

KIPCO is proud to play a role in the development of the Kuwait and helping people in need. The company’s charitable foundation – Masharee Al Khair – funds projects and charitable causes with a focus on helping children with special needs.

KIPCO’s campaign to raise awareness among parents, doctors, teachers and the general public about dyslexia began in 2007. The campaign was designed so that people with the condition get the help they need, by educating people that dyslexia is not a disease, but a condition that can be significantly reduced through proper treatment. 

The awareness media campaign featured TV, press and cinema advertising, supported by public events. The campaign was highly successful and generated a huge quantity of media coverage. The campaign raised public awareness about dyslexia and helped improve parents, teachers and children recognition of the condition’s symptoms. KIPCO subsequently received an award for the campaign in recognition of its contribution to public education.

For more information about the Kuwait Dyslexia Association, please click here.

Learning-Disabilities KALD Description

KIPCO’s support of KALD:

The Kuwaiti Association for Learning Differences (KALD) is a social welfare association that collaborates with other organizations to help Kuwait private school students deal with their learning differences. 

KALD was established in 2007 and is exclusively funded by KIPCO’s Masharee Al Khair foundation. KALD is also strongly supported and guided by The Center for Child Evaluating and Teaching in Kuwait. KALD aims at cooperating with all government and non-government institutions and organizations which are involved directly or indirectly in the educational process.

For more information on KALD and the its work, please click here.

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