KIPCO – net asset value



  1. Stake in unlisted subsidiary OSN has been taken at fair value used for Joint venture accounting in audited financials of KIPCO (note 9 of Annual financial statements for year ending 2009), further to merger of Orbit and Showtime in August 2009.
  2. Stakes in listed subsidiaries and associates have been valued at market value (As of Dec 31, 2015).
  3. Other components of NAV are at Book Value as of Dec 31, 2015.
  4. Control Premium has been assumed at 50% to the respective market prices to reflect the value of significant stakes in these entities.
  5. Assumed at KD 10 mn as normalized (annual) operating expenses in other net assets.
  6. Number of Outstanding Shares (as on 31st Dec 2015) is 1,449 mn.


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